How To: Style the Tainted Love Cami


Everyone loves a versatile piece, and cami’s are one of the best pieces to wear in different ways! Chelsea F recently did a video showing you how to wear a simple, gorgeous cami 3 different ways – a day outfit, a going out outfit and a work outfit. And, of course, it featured our gorgeous pink Tainted Love Cami 😉 Check out her video below! 💕

Get To Know – Aurora!

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1. Tell us about your beautiful self. Who is Aurora?
I’m a mum, first and foremost. Also a full time nurse with a full time serious hobby of shopping and showing off my stuff on Instagram.

OBSESSED with The Tash Dress 😍

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If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook it’s no secret that we are obsessed with the Tash Dress lately, so it should be no surprise that I’m going to write a wholeeee blog post about it and I’m not even sorry 🤗

How To Shop – FREE SIZE


It wasn’t until recently that I started fully appreciating the wonder that is free size clothing. Beforehand, I was always a bit apprehensive and sceptical about how it works and whether it would fit, but once I actually sat down and thought about it and identified what made a good free size piece work it made my life and my wardrobe so much better.

Florals and Stuff 🌸


Over on the other side of the world, it’s currently my favourite time of the year. Spring! 🌸

Everything about Spring resonates with me. The beautiful sunny days and cooler nights, the abundance of flowers and plants and colour, and the cute floral patterns and pops of colour you see appearing in everyones outfits. It’s the perfect time of year to play around with layering and texture coming out of Winter until it warms up a bit, and it screams feminine prints and relaxed silhouettes.

The Seasons Are Changing!


Guess what guys? We recently launched WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! Yayyyyyy! So now all of our gorgeous readers can get the styles they see in our blog, on our babes and on our online shop wherever you are in the world!

But we are also celebrating the start of a new season! For us over here in the Southern Hemisphere, we’re moving quickly into Autumn. And for our long distance babes up there in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring will be showing it’s face very soon! And despite being so far away from each other, our outfits are going to start looking quite similar very soon! Why?  What do these seasons have in common? Layering! 

Top 3 Tips To Style Your Maxi

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Written by Elana Pa’apa’a

Take Your Style To The Max

Ha, get it? I made myself giggle with that one. Anyway…

Maxi dresses are a wardrobe must have for me, and I know they are for a lot of other girls too. They are just so easy to wear and effortlessly feminine and instantly make me feel like a girl. I mean, I know that’s an odd thing to say…but sometimes I put an outfit on and I’m just like “why am I wearing this? Why not just wear a potato sack?”. It can’t just be me…can it?

Whether you are opting for the boho style, loose, flowy type maxi or the sophistication of a fitted, figure-hugging, floor skimming number, there are always some of my top tips I remember to styling these beauties.