Introducing…Our Affiliates Program! 🤗

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Exciting news, my loves!

We’ve just launched our very own, super freakin’ cool AFFILIATES PROGRAM! 🙈

Alright, so I may be being a little bit dramatic…but I do think it’s pretty cool if you don’t mind me saying. I mean, it just sounds fancy, and I like to think I’m fancy.

If you love our brand and our clothes and you love sharing that love with your friends, family or followers, then this is for you! You don’t need to have a massive following by any means. I mean, if you have 30k followers then we want you! 😏 But if you have 200 followers of really engaged family and friends, then we want you just as much!

A Guide To Online Shoe Shopping

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Written by Aki Ang from

We all know that picking a shoe size can be difficult sometimes, and it is frustrating when you’re looking forward to them just to unwrap a pair that doesn’t fit you. I have always been an online shopping enthusiast, and I have to say…shopping for shoes has taken a lot of trial and error. But the reward is that it widens your choices to retailers all over the world.

Here is a guide I created based on my personal experience, and hopefully you find it helpful!