Get To Know – Aurora!

Fashion, Lifestyle
1. Tell us about your beautiful self. Who is Aurora?
I’m a mum, first and foremost. Also a full time nurse with a full time serious hobby of shopping and showing off my stuff on Instagram.

2. If we asked you to describe your style in 3 words, what would those 3 words be?
Casual, street and glam.
3. What inspired you to start blogging?
I haven’t started my own blog yet as I can barely find the time to write my own essays but I’m thinking of starting one next year when I’ve got more free time and, hopefully, a better camera!
4. What made you choose to be a Nurse?
Nursing is a rewarding career for me. It’s challenging and I get to be a part of peoples lives when they are at their lowest and worst point. I get to be a part of the process in getting them better. Sure, we get asshole patients all the time, but the majority are really grateful for the care we provide. I also think nursing is the perfect balance between a rewarding career and social life. I could have been a doctor if I wanted to, but decided nursing is equally rewarding.
5. All of your #ootd shots are perfect! How do you manage it!? 
I have my insta-husbane (@aaron_bnz) to thank for that LOL! I only use my iPhone so my shots aren’t the same quality as that of the others but I make sure I wear outfits that are in my style and that suit me really well, the lighting is decent and that my husband is in a good mood so he can take photos of me whenever and wherever I want. #blesshim #instagramhusbands
6. Your outfits are always styled so ridiculously perfectly! Do you have any styling advice for our babes out there?
Truth is I kinda just go with what I feel like. I make sure all the clothes I get are versatile enough for everyday wear. I make sure I have my season staples. This winter I have my denim jacket (care of yours truly Blush Clothing Playhouse), my winter coats and my winter knits. I always style my loose tops with skinny jeans and bodysuits or figure hugging tops with my boyfriend jeans. Boots with heels are a must! But seriously, just go wear whatever makes you feel like a queen!
7. Give us an idea about a typical day in the life of Aurora.
This is where it gets boring LOL. I work full time, and I’m back at uni doing my post-grad in cardiac nursing (vomits). I barely have 5 hours of sleep every night. I make sure to at least give me daughter a hug and ask her how school went. On my days off, I force my husband to take me out on dates and take outfit photos (soz babe! LOL) and catch up on sleep and fit some more studying in. I’m so busy to the point I feel like I’m actually not achieving anything productive haha!
8. If you could give the women reading this one piece of advice, what would it be?
Take care of your health, keep your loved ones close, do something fun to balance our your life and go wear whatever you want.
9. Head to our online store and tell me what your favourite item is at the moment and why!
The Long Line Blush Coat – it’s on my shopping list!
10. Why do you love being a part of Blush Babes?
The environment of supportive, beautiful girls that empower each other. It’s great to also have an insight of the Blush Babes who live outside Australia. I wish we could all have the opportunity to meet up with each other! I know I don’t talk or share much but consider me the creep that sees and lies everything you girls post 😊 Love being a part of this!


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