How To Shop – FREE SIZE


It wasn’t until recently that I started fully appreciating the wonder that is free size clothing. Beforehand, I was always a bit apprehensive and sceptical about how it works and whether it would fit, but once I actually sat down and thought about it and identified what made a good free size piece work it made my life and my wardrobe so much better.

In our range, we do stock a few free size pieces. Since we’ve introduced free size both in store and online, that same theme has appeared – girls loving the pieces, but being apprehensive and sceptical about whether it’s practical. And I gotta tell ya, I know exactly how you’re feeling! But let me give you a few tips and tricks to identifying the perfect free size piece for you!

Design –

It goes without saying, but the design of a free size garment is extremely important. Pay close attention to the details of the design and how they effect the fit and movement of the piece. For example, the free size turtleneck knit we stock…

17321606_10154265827651625_98926453_n_1024x1024-3Open Back Knit – $69 AUD

The fact that it’s a loose fitting style immediately ticks boxes anyway, but take note of the open back – the way it is designed with the overlapping split at the back allows so much movement and ensures an easy fit.

It is also important to identify the design features that won’t work for you. For example, I am in love with this free size khaki cropped cami, but I knew when we were ordering it in store that it wouldn’t work for me simply because I have big boobs. Although it is suitable for sizes 6 – 14, the cropped style means room in the bust is limited because of the fact that it does need to fit such small sizes as well. And sure enough when it arrived in store, I tried it on and it fit me, but wasn’t long enough to accomodate my boobs!

Khaki Knitted Cami – $39 AUD

Fabric –

The fabric plays a major part in the effectiveness of a free size garment! But if you don’t know a whole lot about fabric, don’t stress. There’s easy ways to to tell!

In my opinion, there is one type of fabric that works wonders in free size and is pretty much fool proof. If on the description it says the fabric is ribbed, then you should be pretty safe! ‘Ribbed’ refers to the way the fabric is knitted and it ensures plenty of stretch and movement. The only time I would ever buy a fitted style in a free size is if the fabric is ribbed, because then I know the fabric will stretch and mould to my body as it’s meant to.

Another good choice for free size clothing is anything crochet! We previously stocked a gorgeous free size black cami that was in a crochet fabric and it had more than enough stretch to be able to accomodate a size 6 through to a size 16.

If it isn’t a knit you’re looking at, the inclusion of spandex in a fabric composition also ensures stretch. Obviously, the more percentage of spandex included the stretchier it will be!

Versatility –

If the garment has a good design, is in a stretchy fabric and is versatile, then it’s officially ticked all the boxes for me! I personally find versatility important because I know how different free size pieces can look on different bodies. I want to know that if I can’t wear a free size top the same way as the model because it doesn’t quite look the same on me that I can either wear it with a belt to add more shape if needed or use it as a layering piece under cardigans or jackets. The more versatile, the better!


The moral of this story? Don’t be afraid to try free size! If you can try pieces on in store then that is always the best option, but if you’re buying online then just take special note of what you know will work for you. And always check out the returns policy – if you shop with us and something doesn’t fit you right, you will be refunded with store credit without any questions asked. Just saying 😉❤️️


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