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As a lot of you already know, we’ve recently launched our brand internationally with worldwide shipping! 🌏🤗 And, obviously, with worldwide shipping came an opportunity to get some international Blush Babes on board, and we’ve done just that! This is our first Q&A with an international babe, and first up is the gorgeous Grace! 

1. Tell us about your beautiful self. Who is Grace?

I am a 30 year old blogger from Nottingham in the UK. I blogged years ago but I have just recently started blogging again. I focus on Instagram, my blog and I have a YouTube channel, where I post fashion hauls & also cookbooks. I hope my style can appeal to literally any woman out there who wants a little inspiration, and when don’t we? My favourite pastime is reading the fashion blogs of the gorgeous gals I’ve been following for years. What you’ll see me in the most is dungarees (this is a new thing, but my gosh I love them!), monochrome & pastels, good vintage denim and the odd floral or two. Plus a little bit of streetwear (yeah, I do wear a lot of mens clothes, lol). Oh, and lots of pictures with my Yorkshire Terrier Ralph, because he’s cute!

2. If we asked you to describe your style in 3 words, what would those 3 words be?
Trend lead


3. What inspired you to start blogging?
I have been reading blogs for years and one day I just thought I can do this! I wanted people to see my style and hopefully take some inspiration from a real girl living an everyday life who loves fashion.

4. I love all your photos on Instagram and your blog! How do you do it!? Who takes your photos?

My lovely boyfriend Ryan takes all of my pictures and also edits my Vlogs, he is so supportive and I really couldn’t do this without him. He understands and actively encourages me to follow my dream of fashion blogging. 
5. When did you fall in love with fashion and why?
My mum is a very stylish lady and I used to watch her putting on her make-up and choosing clothes in absolute awe. My friends at school were also really into fashion and we would buy fashion magazines every month to check out the most current styles and see if we could recreate them…but not always so successfully when you are 14 and in the 2000’s!! I have a full time job and work as a project manager for an online marketing agency, this is where I first discovered personal style fashion blogs, and there was no going back, I was in love!
6. What are you future goals? What’s the ultimate Grace lifestyle in your mind?
I love what I do and right now being able to work with brands such as the lovely Blush Clothing Playhouse is such a great opportunity to work with some amazing people. If I can inspire women of all ages and sizes in some way and gather more followers and supporters along the way, then that makes me very happy.
7. If you could give the women reading this one piece of advice, what would it be?

Don’t dress for your shape, dress for your style, if you love something wear it, who cares if its not A-line or cinches in your waist. If you love it and feel pretty in it, then do not be afraid to wear it.


8. Give us an idea about a typical day in the life of Grace.

 Most mornings I get up at 5.45am to go to the gym, I love a morning workout, it clears my head and sets me up for the day! Monday to Friday I work in my job as a project manager, usually working on my Instagram/blog in my lunch breaks. Then after work and the weekend its my time, you can find me hanging out with my man, eating, shopping and snuggled up at home watching films. I love seeing my family most weekends, and going on long runs with my dog and my boyfriend..oh and eating, always eating 🙂
9. Head to our online store and tell me what your favourite item is at the moment and why!
I have recently bought the floral off the shoulder ‘Tash’ dress and it is absolutely beautiful, I love white background under the floral print, of course the off the shoulder detail, not forgetting the split at the front. I think anyone could wear this dress and look absolutely amazing in it. I also love the ‘Love Courtney slip dress’ and will be buying shortly. You cannot go wrong with a black slip-dress! It can be worn at night with an amazing pair of heels or in the day over a white tee with a pair of sneakers. Blush Clothing Playhouse has so many lovely trend lead styles that I am so excited to try out.
10. Why do you love being a part of Blush Babes?
I think what I didn’t realise when I first became a Blush Babe was the amount of support from both Elana and the Blush Babes that I would receive. We all support each other, which is really lovely to see. A group of girls who have never met, from all corners of the world, coming together to offer help and support on fashion blogging – it’s a really lovely thing to be part of and I am very grateful to Elana for inviting me into her world.
IG: @gracesurguy
YouTube: Grace Surguy

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