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As a business run by women for women, and as a mother/daughter team who strive to empower women in fashion and in life, today is a day that hits home for us. As a 24 year old woman living in Australia, my views on this subject are going to differ from women of different generations and from different circumstances simply based on experience, but my beliefs that all women should be afforded the same opportunities and respect as anyone else is just as strong.

For me, today is about celebrating women in general. Celebrating the women who have pushed and paved the way for our lives today, the women who inspire and support me each and every day, and the women who may not have as much of a voice as they should. It’s about celebrating the strength, beauty and power of all women, and hopefully reminding and empowering those who don’t see or use their strength as much as they should.

There has been an abundance of beautiful ladies over the years who have pushed not just themselves but us all out of oppression, through that glass ceiling and into a world that is open to the idea of equality. If you think back to how the world was before the Women’s Suffrage Movement, you can appreciate just how major that is.

Personally, I strongly believe in equality and freedom in all aspects. Both men and women should be free to choose their own path in life, to make decisions based on their own desires and opinions, to develop their own self-identity and to do whatever it is they please. The fact that we’ve had to fight for that right as women is wrong and it’s sad, but it’s also motivating and inspiring to think how far we’ve come.

Think about how women once felt the need to burn their bra’s in protest for Women’s Liberation to the amount of freedom we have in our clothing choices today. Granted, it’s unfortunately not that way in all cultures, but it’s definitely a good start. That freedom and acceptance shouldn’t be limited to Westernised cultures but given to all women globally. If a woman in Australia wants to wear a garment from a different culture, why should she be judged or attacked for that? You don’t need to know her reasoning behind wearing what she wears, you only need to know that she has an opinion and she has a reason and you need to grant her the respect to accept that. We talk about freedom of choice and freedom of expression, yet we try and suppress that expression from other cultures? Because that’s all they are doing. By wearing cultural garments, they are only trying to express who they are and what they believe, and who are we to judge or try to stop that?

On a day like today, we would like to take a minute to thank and appreciate all the beautiful women around us. We’d like to thank all the women throughout history and the women today who continually make our lifestyle possible. We’d like to thank all the women who have supported and loved us throughout our lives. We’d like to thank our Blush Babes for supporting and believing in us and being a part of our little family, and we’d like to thank our beautiful customers and the women we have met along the way and encourage them to take a moment to see and appreciate all the beauty and strength that is within them. And, personally, I would like to thank my mother/business partner/ultimate female role model for being a true figure of female empowerment throughout my life, as well as my father, my brother and all the men in my life who have encouraged and supported my empowerment and equality. While appreciating ourselves as women, we also need to appreciate the men who support our cause, right?

On a day like today, we would also love to invite anyone and everyone to tell their stories and express their opinions with us. We are all about women, and we aim to empower and support everyone in our little Blush community. Write to us, whether it be in the comments of this post or via email, and let us get to know you and get to know how we could possibly help empower women even more in the future.

Equality is possible. We’ve come so far, but we still have far to go. Empower yourself, empower each other, and #BeBoldForChange.


Elana x

IG: @elanapaapaa or @blushclothingplayhouse

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