The Seasons Are Changing!


Guess what guys? We recently launched WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! Yayyyyyy! So now all of our gorgeous readers can get the styles they see in our blog, on our babes and on our online shop wherever you are in the world!

But we are also celebrating the start of a new season! For us over here in the Southern Hemisphere, we’re moving quickly into Autumn. And for our long distance babes up there in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring will be showing it’s face very soon! And despite being so far away from each other, our outfits are going to start looking quite similar very soon! Why?  What do these seasons have in common? Layering! 

I don’t know about you guys, but layering is my most precious styling technique. It is by far my favourite! Unfortunately for us over here in Australia, the time window we have to layer during the year is actually quite small…but I definitely make the most of it while I can. And no matter whether you’re going into Autumn or Spring, we have some of the most gorgeous light-weight, versatile items that will have you layering like a pro in no time.

Knitted Khaki Cami (free size) – $39

Knitted pieces are great for layering through unpredictable weather. During both Autumn and Spring, this knitted crop is the perfect base layer to any outfit! On those cold mornings, the khaki colour and ribbed knit texture of this crop make it super easy to layer under coats or cardigans and scarves, but it is also gorgeous and stylish enough to stand alone when it gets warmer during the day and the coat just has to go!


Burgundy Longline Cardigan – $49

Instantly – can you imagine this gorgeous burgundy cardigan over that knitted khaki crop? I certainly can! I’m actually obsessed with the longer length and the light-weight fabric of this cardigan. It effortlessly adds a different dimension to an outfit, and adds interest to your layering. This one has gorgeous tie details and splits at the sides which make it even more versatile! Tie the front half up around your waist and leave the longer length down, or wrap it all around and tie it, or just leave it all long. Leave the sleeves long or bunch them up. Your choice! Pieces that allow you to be creative are by far the best layering pieces!


Love Courtney Slip – $49

Slip dresses are so on trend at the moment, and they are also the perfect transition style! They can be worn alone with a gorgeous trench coat over the top and statement accessories for a glamorous look, or they can be layered with a long or short sleeved t-shirt underneath and a stylish leather jacket over the top for a more casual vibe. Add knee length boots and a scarf and you’re warm and snug and stylish as hell!


White Shirt Dress – $60

Never underestimate the power of a shirt dress! This sleeveless, collared button through shirt dress is the epitome of versatility. Pictured here is the gorgeous Ruby styled by us wearing our Kennedy Knot Skirt in black and our sold our Crochet Cami teamed with the White Collared Shirt Dress left open! Obviously, the ‘standard’ way to wear a shirt dress is as a dress, but why not try wearing them open and using them as a layering piece? They are often lighter and cooler than a cardigan and you can buy them with different sleeve lengths, so when you think about it…they are the perfect way to navigate through that awkward “is it too hot for a cardigan?” stage!

Lightweight Trench Coat – $150

I mean…heavy trench coats are obviously the PERFECT Winter layering piece! But towards the end of Autumn or at the start of Spring when the Winter chill is teasing us a little, having a lightweight trench in your wardrobe can be a lifesaver. This one we stock…I have to admit, I have one and it was my personal favourite and a best seller last year. So much so that we just had to restock it for this Winter! I wore it all through the end of Autumn, through Winter and through the start of Spring happily! All I had to do was layer my outfits a little differently to make sure I wasn’t too hot or too cold, and I was all goooood! The quality is absolutely divine, and the colour and shape is classic and sophisticated. How could you go wrong?

We have so many more perfect layering pieces available online now! And I’m sure you all have quite a few layering gems hidden in the back of your closet just waiting for you to get creative. Think outside the box with your layering and styling at this time of year, babes.  Do something different. Be daring, and play around with it! And be sure to tag us in your layering masterpieces on Insta when you do 😉

Elana x

IG: @blushclothingplayhouse

4 thoughts on “The Seasons Are Changing!

  1. I wish we had the season changes for layering here in the equator. Here in the Philippines, the unpredictable rainy weather is the only best time to layer! Haha! Thank you for sharing ways to layer 🙂 I specifically like that slip on dress, do you ship to the Philippines?
    Hugs from The Revolutionist! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Helloooo love! Thanks for your time reading our blog and for commenting! 😆 I can imagine it would be hard at the equator! My mum/business partner and I were actually having that conversation the other day haha! Funny timing! We certainly do ship to the Philippines! All shipping info is on the online store if you click ‘payments and shipping’ down on the footer menu. The slip dress is gorgeous, isn’t it? ❤️


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