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Flatlays are everywhere right now, and I’m not gunna lie, I love a good flatlay! But they can be surprisingly hard to master.

I’ve been doing quite a few lately for work because they are such a good way to show different styling options and colour palettes in a way that’s different to your normal stock photo. While our gorgeous models and bloggers do an amazing job of showing off our pieces, it’s always good to have a spot of difference in your insta feed, ya know? So flatlays are the perfect solution!

You may not be a flatlay master straight up, but practice makes perfect! There are a few key things you need to consider when putting a flatlay together, so I thought I’d share a few tips and tricks that I’ve learned so far over my short-lived flatlay career!

1. Back it upppp

Pick your background, and make sure it suits and compliments the items you’ll be using in your flatlay. Be creative with this! Your background doesn’t need to be limited to a table top. I often use pieces of fabric as the base of my flatlay, and I’ve even used my bathroom floor multiple times because, really, the tiles in there are the best in the house haha! I’ve also heard of other people buying a few tiles of their choice or a piece of coloured cardboard to use specifically for their flatlays, but it all depends on the amount of commitment you’re going for. Either way, the background is super important and will make or break your overall picture, so put some thought into it!

16602988_1200840456703614_6668696524622393095_n-3Perfect example of my bathroom floor flatlays haha!

2. Space Out

The spacing of the items in your flatlay can often be the hardest part. Decide on what kind of ‘feel’ you’re going for. With the flatlay above, for example, I wanted it to be beachy and relaxed, so I used minimal props to avoid a cluttered look. If you have quite a few items you want to include, go ahead! But be sure there’s enough space between each significant piece so you can clearly identify what they are.


3. Find Your Angle

I also find that angles play a very important part in any flatlay. It goes without saying, but a flatlay with everything lined up perfectly compared to a flatlay with the items providing different angles and lines are two very different photos. Don’t be afraid to move things around and experiment with different angles and layouts.

4. Be Square

If you’re planning on posting your flatlay on Instagram, chances are you’d prefer it to be square. Personally, I don’t do all of my flatlays perfectly square since Instagram gave us a little bit of room to move on this, but I know some people still do! If you’re using your phone, try changing the setting to the square frame. It will give you a better idea of what’s actually going to be in frame and how the overall picture will look. If you don’t go with the square frame while taking the photo, keep in mind that you can crop the photo afterwards so the edges don’t have to be perfect!


I did the photo below up quickly when my best friend asked me to be a bridesmaid. She did up the cutest little bridesmaids hamper things, so I just couldn’t help but make the most of that! It literally took me maybe 5 minutes at the most.

I put down a piece of fabric that I knew would compliment the pink in the items, and I scattered the pink shredded paper that was in the hamper along the top left hand corner of the flatlay. I then placed down the ‘Bridesmaid?’ card and placed the edge of the bag with the bow at the top left corner. After that, I just placed all the other items down and played around with the angles and positioning for a minute, and then took the photo! Ta-daaaaa.



If any of these tips have been helpful or if you have any other tips, please share in the comments! And be sure to tag us on Instagram so we can see all your creations! @blushclothingplayhouse

Elana x

IG: personal – @elanapaapaa
business – @blushclothingplayhouse

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