Date Night Outfits


Written by our babe Michaela Da Costa

Oh hello, Blush Babes!

Naturally, like every other blog across the country I thought it was fitting to kick-start my first post for Blush Babes by giving you beautiful ladies some ideas on what to wear for date night. The best part about this is that I’ll be featuring some beautiful pieces by our “mumma” – Blush Clothing Playhouse. 

Here, I have curated four different looks for all sorts of dates with your man or lady!


For a nice and romantic dinner I would definitely go for the gorgeous Sydney Lace Dress. Dress it up with neutral lace pair of heels and a gorgeous clutch to match. Due to an absolutely drop-dead gorgeous dress, I would suggest keeping the accessories to a minimum and let the dress speak for it self. I can assure you, your honey will be speechless when you walk into the restaurant.

Alternatively, why not try the effortless and romantic Lust for Love Bodycon dress? Again, pair it with a pair of neutral stilettos and clutch to match but this time you can accessories to your heart desire. Try on a pair of dainty earrings and/or a nice and sweet choker to further compliment the feminie, off-the-shoulder bodycon.

Lust For Love Bodycon – $69            Sydney Lace Dress – $100


My favourite kind of date! Go for the Miya Off-Shoulder Dress or my personal favourite, which is the Sateen Dress. You can easily dress these two pieces up with your favourite high heels or dress it down with a pair of hot kicks.

Miya Off-Shoulder Dress – $59             Sateen Dress – $89


Dates where you get to get out of your shell and have some fun always wins. You also want to be comfortable so you are not restricted and can kick bae’s a** in air hockey and basketball. So, go for the Jenny Lace Trim Shorts and Jeanie High Neck Cami. If you want something a little more playful then don’t be shy to try the Floral Printed Crop Top if you dare.

  Jenny High Wasted Shorts – $39
Jeanie High Neck Cami – $39
Floral Printed Crop – $39


There is absolutely nothing wrong with spending Valentines at home with a beautifully home cooked meal and cliché valentine’s movies. This Jordan Lace Playsuit not only screams cute overload but it also screams comfort too so you can comfortable snuggle up on the couch.

Jordan Lace Playsuit – $69 (available in white and blue)

I hope you get spoiled rotten by your loved one this Valentines. If you don’t have anyone to celebrate it with, then why not get your girls over for a night in with pizza and have a huge chick flicks night? Enjoy.


IG: @graceandcoy
YouTube: Michaela Da Costa

7 thoughts on “Date Night Outfits

  1. hey no problem! keep up the good work and i have two questions actually who is the model in these pictures she’s beautiful! also do you promote clothings lines that are starting up?


      1. well they all are actually i didn’t know they we different people for a second but i’ll most definitely have to show what i have once i get it in stock im actually trying to start up a brand thats why i asked


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