#ootd – Aki!


The other day, the gorgeous Aki from www.thesleekavenue.com tagged us in an outfit photo on Instagram and I immediately fell in love. This is why I love having our babes on board! They manage to style our pieces in ways we would never even think of.

Aki received the Aspen Dress ($85) and just took it to a whole different level. This is a perfect example of how styling can have the biggest effect on the feel of an outfit!

“What I love about Blush Clothing Playhouse is they have some timeless pieces that will take you from season to season. Just like this knit dress I just bought recently. It is a perfect dress for a beach day out or for Sunday brunch. However, yesterday I layered it with a shirt for a more chic and corporate look. This one is from Anna Quan. For a client’s meeting I paired the outfit with heels but for a casual day out, this outfit would also look amazing with a pair of sneakers. I’m not the most girly girl in the world and a masculine v feminine styling like this makes me feel more confident, more like myself.”
Self portraits taken by Aki herself as seen on her instagram @thesleekavenue
After other ways to style this dress? We got you covered!

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