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Want to get to know our babes a little better? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Over the next few weeks we’re going to be asking our babes to answer some random questions and give you guys some advice on anything and everything from blogging, styling and just life in general!

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1. Tell us about your beautiful self. Who is Chelsea Fenech?

I am a 20 year old fashion enthusiast who lives in the beautiful city of Melbourne. I have recently completed a fashion degree and have taken some time off to explore the world of blogging!

2. If we asked you to describe your style in 3 words, what would those 3 words be?
I would describe my style as chic, minimal and trendy.
3. What inspired you to start blogging?
My¬†university¬†course¬†actually¬†inspired me to¬†start blogging! I completed a Social Media subject and a¬†Entrepreneurship unit during the degree and these two really kick started my drive to start blogging! I was also lucky enough to attend some great fashion events in 2016 such as a shop hop to Queensland with Uniqlo and the book launch of Margaret Zhang’s¬†for Eastland and at these events I met some amazing bloggers and just fell in love with the lifestyle.
4. We love your YouTube videos! What do you use to shoot your videos and do you have any advice for anyone wanting to start their own YouTube channel?
I shoot my videos on the Cannon 70D. It’s a great camera for video as it auto focuses and has a pretty¬†decent¬†microphone¬†inbuilt. My usual setup has two large box lights next to the camera which is much needed as the room I film in¬†doesn’t allow in much natural light. I edit all the videos on my MacBook Pro and I currently am¬†using iMovie.
5. All of your #ootd shots are perfect! Do you have any advice on how to take the perfect outfit photo? 
My two big tips to taking the perfect ootd is to have a good photographer and a good backdrop. my photographer is usually my mother who has a great eye for taking a good photo. some of my favourite backdrops are those which are the simplest! A great white wall or the side of a cool building are great options.
6. Give us an idea about a typical day in the life of Chelsea.
A typical day for me would include waking up at around 8:00am and jumping straight onto Instagram to check how my posts went overnight. I will then eat a decently healthy breakfast that should keep me going until lunch. My mornings are usually when I run all my errands for the day which can include anything from appointments to shopping trips. I will then eat lunch and either film, edit or jump onto my social media accounts. I will usually spend most of my day doing this and after dinner I like to relax with my family and unwind to prepare for another day!
7. If you could give the women reading this one piece of advice, what would it be?
Go for it! Do what you have always¬†dreamt of doing.¬†Theres no worse feeling then thinking “what if”, so if you have a passion or drive to do something then you should do your best to¬†fulfil¬†that dream.

8. Head to our online store and tell me what your favourite item is at the moment and why!
My favourite piece online at the moment is the Sateen Dress. I love the burnt copper colour of this dress as I think it is very flattering on many skin tones and the style of the dress is perfect for a hot summer day! The other reason I love this dress is because it is super versatile. You could wear this casual for a nice day out with some sandles or you can pair it with some nude heals and statement earrings for a gorgeous date night.
9. Why do you love being a part of Blush Babes?
The Blush Babes are an amazing group of girls who are passionate, kind and inspirational. I not only feel like I have made some great friends but I also look up to the girls as blogger role models!
IG: @chelseafenech
YouTube: Chelsea Fenech

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