Top 3 Tips To Style Your Maxi

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Written by Elana Pa’apa’a

Take Your Style To The Max

Ha, get it? I made myself giggle with that one. Anyway…

Maxi dresses are a wardrobe must have for me, and I know they are for a lot of other girls too. They are just so easy to wear and effortlessly feminine and instantly make me feel like a girl. I mean, I know that’s an odd thing to say…but sometimes I put an outfit on and I’m just like “why am I wearing this? Why not just wear a potato sack?”. It can’t just be me…can it?

Whether you are opting for the boho style, loose, flowy type maxi or the sophistication of a fitted, figure-hugging, floor skimming number, there are always some of my top tips I remember to styling these beauties. 

1. Bring it in, baby.

That subtitle sounds like something a creepy uncle who isn’t actually your uncle would say. Hahaha I’m making myself laugh today. God, Elana. Stay focused.

What I mean by ‘bring it in’ is cinch it in at the waist with some kind of belt. Duh. A lot of maxi’s, especially lately, already come with a self-tie or a drawstring, and if that’s the case, then skip ahead, my love! But if it doesn’t have its own waist-defining element built into the dress, then add one!

Some girls can pull of the straight shift shape in a maxi dress but god knows I can’t. I reallyyyy can’t. If I attempt it then I really do look like I’m wearing a potato sack. So, a belt is my holy grail to achieving a waist (lol, maybe I should stop eating chocolate, too), and to creating that elegant, feminine silhouette. Even if you are one of those lucky girls who could go without a belt and still rock it, adding a belt will give it a whole new life! Wear it without during the day for a more casual vibe, and add a belt at night to amp it up a bit. The world is your oyster!

2. Less is more.

Let’s face it – most maxi dresses are a statement piece by themselves. Even if it’s just a plain black maxi, the silhouette created by the maxi length is usually enough to catch the eye. My personal opinion is that, generally speaking, maxi dresses don’t need too much in terms of accessories. A cute bag, an understated necklace (depending on the neckline of the dress, of course), and a tonne of rings will suffice. I mean, maybe not a tonne of rings…I just love rings. So much. And they are my go-to styling pieces at the moment. Whether you’re a silver, gold or rose gold kinda gal, simple little rings are an easy way to subtly amp up an outfit and, in particular, I love them with maxi’s! Especially if you’re going for the boho kind of vibe.

3. Put Your Best Foot Forward.

What could this title mean? Shoes, obviously!

The key to a seamless, perfectly put together maxi dress outfit is definitely the shoes. I don’t know about you girls but I often cringe when I see a woman wearing a gorgeous maxi dress that instantly makes me fall in love with it, only to notice her old pair of thongs (or flip flops for you American babes) creeping out from underneath the dress. It genuinely makes me sad.

So please please pleaseeee don’t underestimate the importance of shoe choice just because you figure “oh, no one will see them much anyway”. If you’re going for flats, I am obsessed with sandals at the moment and I’m convinced you should be able to find a good sandal for just about any situation.


K, that’s enough from me on this topic or I may just start getting political about the do’s and don’t of maxi dress love, and ain’t nobody got time for that.

Before I go, what are our favourite maxi dresses at the moment? I’m so happy you asked!

Black Striped 1241.jpgVictoria Striped Maxi Dress in Black – $89

Tahyna Maxi Dress – $110 (image via @blogbeautyglamfashion

15822825_1161316343989359_9193011232800687129_n_1024x1024.jpgFloral Maxi Set – $89 (this one is even better because you can wear the top and skirt separately and make whole new outfits! Winningggg!)

Front_1024x1024.jpgCeline Wrap Maxi – $79

32_1024x1024.jpgLucy Printed Maxi – $69

15350533_1134295753358085_5332876579170055899_n-3Seminyak Dress – $110 (image via @blogbeautyglamfashion)

Tangerine Lace Maxi – $89

Elana 🙂 x

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