Slip Into Summer


Are slips everywhere at the moment or is it just me?

As fashion does, it’s cycled around and brought one of our favourites back with it. Cue the slip dress!

Of late, the slip dress was a staple in the casual wardrobe of the 90’s woman and, before that, it was the iconic shape of the 20’s. So now that it’s back, what life has it taken on during its revival?

To me, I feel that the slip dress has taken on a sexy, quite feminine feel lately. There’s been a lot of satin slips with delicate strappy or lacy details floating around the edges. Paired with the seasons favourite accessory – the choker – the slip dress is also often seen worn as an over-garment teamed with t-shirts underneath.

Take a look at how some of our Blush Babes have styled their favourite slips –


Image via @chelseafenech

Image via @jillarcenz

Image via

‘Satin Dreams’ Slip in Champagne

‘Love Courtney’ Slip Dress

‘Satin Dreams’ Slip in Teal

Elana x

Written by Elana Pa’apa’a
Follow her:
IG: @elanapaapaa or @blushclothingplayhouse

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