Hello, babes!

Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

So I’ve spent quite a while pondering what my first post should be…

Should it be witty? Inspiring? Serious? Fashion related or lifestyle? Or perhaps the reasoning behind this project…

In the end I figured I’d just write and see what came out. Fool proof, right? Ha. We’ll see.

Firstly, hello babes! My name is Elana, and I am the editor and co-creator of this little project we like to call ‘Blush Babes’. Basically, ever since my mother, Karen, and I decided to open our fashion business ‘Blush Clothing Playhouse‘, our vision has been clear – to allow the beautiful women of this world the freedom to just play with fashion.

To us, that means all facets of fashion. From making our girls feel comfortable choosing and purchasing clothing or having it made for them, to talking about the many fashion-related issues that we as women deal with, to creating a community of like-minded, fashionable babes who support, empower and encourage each other. In my mind, ‘Blush Babes’ is the perfect space to create and strengthen that tight knit, supportive community we’ve dreamt about.

We’ve been blessed to be able to recruit an amazing group of women to help contribute to this blog and be a part of the Blush Babes story and evolution. We’ve become like a little family chatting away about every day things all the time and commenting, liking and supporting each others posts and projects, and we want to be able to share that little community with you all. There’s nothing better than feeling like you’re a part of something, right? And that’s what we want to do! With their help, we aim to bring you a luxuriously stylish, exciting and empowering space with plenty of helpful, thought provoking and image driven content weekly that you can easily get lost in. Be sure to check all our babes out here and follow them. I promise you, you won’t be sorry!

We are always open to suggestions, and we are always keen to collaborate with other like-minded women. We will always invite your feedback, your ideas and your opinions into this space. Please, feel free. But always be supportive, and always be thoughtful about how your words can effect another person. The entire aim of this is to empower each other and support each other, so keep that in mind.

I could literally write for hours so, just to be safe, I think that’s enough from me…for now. I just want to say welcome, thank you for joining us and all of us here at Blush Babes can’t wait to get to know you!

Elana x

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